"untitled" an exhibition within [sen'sôrèa]

FIU Wolfsonian offsite- Buenavista Building

Exhibition Coordinator, Cristy Wright


"untitled" an exhibition within [sen'sôrèa]

This exhibition within the exhibition [sen'sôrèa] invited artists to exhibit and collaborate on audio video works relating to the concept of exchange. Exhibiting artist’s included Daniel Rodriguez, Dogan Arslanglu, Ariel Almeida, Lulu Figuerora, Mikey Muench (FIU Thesis II Class of 2012) with special thanks to Tori Arpad-Cotta.

[sen'sôrèa] examined our complex relationships with the objects we create, collect and curate in this 8th annual interaction between Florida International University Art students and the Wolfsonian–FIU Museum during a course on Installation Art taught by Associate Professor Tori Arpad-Cotta.


The galleries of the Wolfsonian–FIU are an ideal environment in which to discern the diverse ways artifacts of material culture speak of their makers and the time and place of their creation. At a time when the aesthetic space of art and the social space of the world have lost their traditional distinctions, the works in this exhibition aim to heighten our awareness of the significance of the objects and images that populate our world.


List of works made for "untitled" exhibition:

Subtitles, Dogan Arslanoglu, video installation on Imac

Glithch-guish, Cristy Wright, video projection loop

99 Layers of Final Cut, Mikey Muench video projection

Lorem Ipsum, Cristy Wright and Lourdes Figueroa, performance

Kiss, Cristy Wright and Ariel Almeida, video loop/performance with Xbox Connect

Eye Contact Blink, Cristy Wright and Mikey Muench, video/performance

Dodge “The Giant Claw”, Cristy Wright, performance

My Dinner with Andre Reframed Daniel Gonzalez (in collaboration with Cristy Wright), video installation

TV Collection, Daniel Gonzalez (in collaboration with Cristy Almaida), installation

Color Bar Wall, Cristy Wright and Ariel Almeida, house paint on wall


Thank you to Wolfsonian–FIU Museum staff members Jon Mogul, Marianne Lamonaca, Silvia Barisione, Richard Miltner, Frank Luca, Nicolae Harsanyi, Mylinh Nguyen, and Amy Silverman. Special thanks to DACRA Design Moore for the generous donation of space and to Tiffany Chestler for facilitating this event. Thanks also to the many family members and friends of the artists for their support.