personhood: an -ist exhibition

Exhibition Coordinator: Cristy Wright


personhood: an -ist exhibition

A continuous, unrealized exhibition on the condition of being human.

A generator of transforming iterations: fifteen individual installation spaces for performance, video, sculpture and multi media work surround a central core where artists collaborate in an active altering of site and space.

Platform: a dynamic atmosphere for engagement and interaction. Investigations will unfold, generating distinct, singular experiences of identity

in a shared space. These are the the -ists of “you”.


It’s always been you… not ending at the skin …possibly without the big other(3) without the order of appearances. Only you, sustaining the obligation to preform, maybe purposelessly or for enjoyments that stir up fantasies, fears, duty, violence, pain, desire... You and in your fun nonsense maybe a strategic fiction, a noble fable(4), the protective irony that erodes the bedrock you try and preserve.(5) You, dedicating movements towards redeeming a future/history which may or may not be viable. You, serving yourself free-range cake. You, elevating myths and superegos such as worth, class, gender, election, authority, stability... You, uncertain with trust while demanding sense of cents. You who is moved by sublime failures and pity, “fail again, fail better”(6). You, a facet in a spectrum… a queer complex construct labeled and stereotyped all over the media.


You are a mystery; questioning. You, as a verb (7) “Why am I what you’re telling me I am?”(8)

You, asking what do you want from me?


(1) personhood in this text is defined by the quality or condition of being a person

(2) ist: a suffix that denotes a person who practices or is concerned with certain principles, doctrines, etc.

(3) the big other is an agency of which guarantees meaning. (Slavoj Zizek calls it history, a secret order of things like divine reason, fate or a needed fiction to exist and reinterprets Jacques Lacan claims to be that there is virtually no big other.)

(4)termed by Plato, a noble fable is a myth that is expected to maintain social harmony

(5)Christine Lord, The Anthropologist’s Shadow: The Closet, The Warehouse, the Lesbian as Artifact, the Woman as Artifact.

(6)Samuel Beckett

(7)Buckminster Fuller- I seem to be a Verb 1970

(8)Slavoj Zizek, A Perverts Guide to Ideology

artist list:


Autumn Casey, Bert Rodriguez, Billie Grace Lynn, Cheryl Pope, David Rohn, Jacqueline Falcon, 

Jan and Dave, Jean Michael Vissepo, Jessie Liano, Jillian Mayer, Kerry Phillips, Philip Estlund, Sleeper, Sterling Rook