I am the Senior Videographer at New World Symphony.  In this role, I do everything from Pre-Production, Post-Production, Live Broadcasts, Immersive Projection Design, Projector and Video Equipment Maintenance, and the list goes on.  

NWS Profile videos - Editor

At New World Symphony, we show a fellow profile video during almost every concert.  I'm the editor for the profile videos. I also am part of the team that shoots and records the interview and b-roll.  I also produce and direct the 'hobby' section of the videos.  We produce just over 20 profile videos each year, and I've edited just over 60 profile videos.

Below are some of my favorites.

Club Concerts - Immersive Projection Design and Editing

Twice a year, we have a Night Club style event, with live orchestra and DJ.  Every song on the program gets a video treatment.  I've edited several videos for these concerts.  We use a reference recording of the music to edit our video.  Because the orchestra might play the music in a different tempo than our reference recording, we break up the video into mulitple clips, a score-reader will make cues in the music that will trigger the clips in our projection software (Coolux).

Below, you can see a live version as well as the pre-edited version of some of the pieces I've made.

Various Projects

I do a variety of other projects throughout the year at NWS.  Here are two highlights:

I collaborated with MTT to bring one of his dreams to life with immersive projection.  I created visuals to reflect his poetic reading of his dream. I used a mix of stock footage, and found images.  I created a fake auction catalogue with the items in his dream.

MTT is sponsored by Yamaha.  As part of the video team at NWS, we were asked to produce this video.  I edited the video, and was part of the production team.