“Feeling Good” 2014

Time art / Installation

Cristy Wright & Shaun Wright

Once throw-aways, three TV’s are revalued & re-framed.  Their shells removed, exposing their electrifying design & function while reflecting on the language of the moving image, in combination with sound & it’s ability to empower & inspire collaboration. Past & present overlap on display: visuals included were: captured film, video, tablet apps, & video games.

Feeling Good repurposes three TVs, each defecting reception. On display, hair raising static that turns on, shameless and shell-less. Count on electrical hook-ups, mechanical heavy breathing, grinding glitches and finding a function in the dysfunctional.

“Feeling Good” was first on exhibition as part of “Help You Help Me”: The Jaqueline Falcone Bed & Breakfast from February 28th through April 18th, 2014. –



The video which loops on all 3 screens can be viewed here:

The video is about 5 minutes long, and then loops occasionally playing in reverse; the entire file is 23:41.  It’s on a DVD which is programmed to loop.  The piece does have sound coming from the TVs, but if that would be a disturbance, headphones can be provided.